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Those who want something extra for their meals should look into buying our wholesale rabbit and quail meat. This is a cut above the competition, coming only from animals that are kept in pristine conditions. Our meat is also organic.


An example of this can be seen in an organically raised rabbit, which will typically be much healthier than one on a factory farm. As such, it will taste much better on your plate, full of rich and savory flavors and without any chemicals.


Our company specializes in raising, processing, vacuum packing, and shipping rabbits and quails to clients all around the area. We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible cuts of meat.

Anyone interested in getting the wholesale rabbit or quail can do so by contacting us at Tolenas Rabbit & Quail in Fairfield, CA.


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  • Excellent Service
  • Quality Meat
  • Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

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